PWE-8947 Being agile in a 1000+ employee distributed company | Voxxed Days

Voxxed Days Milano 2019
on Saturday 13 April

   Being agile in a 1000+ employee distributed company


Methodology & Culture
Methodology & Culture
Intermediate level
Aula 6 Saturday from 14:30 til 15:20

Do you think being agile is a "privilege" of start-ups or companies that have all developers co-located? Let me change your mind by discussing how a 1000+ employee company with developers all over the globe is handling projects and deadlines, products and features, releases and quality

Agile   code quality   remote working  
Patroklos Papapetrou
Patroklos Papapetrou
From Elastic

I am a Principal Software Engineer @ Elastic with focus on software delivery, automation tools and making sure our cloud works! I call myself a Software Gardener, a professional who perceive software development in a different way. My goal is to spread the word of software gardening core values, be a mentor for the new developers and create software that it is developed at the highest quality bar.

I a clean code evangelist, technical book author and occasional speaker who likes to speak about things that trigger my interest

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