SBF-2604 Mastering GraalVM: booting Hibernate ORM in 5ms and 15MB total memory | Voxxed Days

Voxxed Days Milano 2019
on Saturday 13 April

   Mastering GraalVM: booting Hibernate ORM in 5ms and 15MB total memory


Server Side Java
Server Side Java
Intermediate level
Aula 6 Saturday from 12:30 til 13:20

The Graal VM, also known as Substrate VM, is rocking the Java world. A boot time measured in milliseconds and very very low memory consumption allows to improve efficiency of several orders of magnitude for typical JVM based microservices and containerized applications, and allows to consider using Java in areas previously dominated by other programming languages.

But there’s no free lunch: the radical new architectural choices of this new VM imply both strong benefits and significant limitations; limitations which will break your existing applications and dependencies in surprising ways. Libraries must be adapted and you need to look at your code from a new angle.

Come discover the revolution of Substrate VM, its advantages, its disadvantages and how to get your existing applications and frameworks working great for a fraction of memory, as we explain what we did to get Hibernate ORM to work on this very promising platform.

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Sanne Grinovero
Sanne Grinovero
From Red Hat

Dutch, Italian, living in London. Passionate for OSS and the JVM, with a keen eye on improving efficiency of things. Lead developer of Hibernate; often contributing to WildFly, Infinispan, Lucene / Elasticsearch, JGroups, OpenJDK and many other Java, open and Linux things.

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