YWW-9634 HPC green computing: relationships among throughput, latency and power consumption | Voxxed Days

Voxxed Days Milano 2019
on Saturday 13 April

   HPC green computing: relationships among throughput, latency and power consumption


Methodology & Culture
Methodology & Culture
Beginner & novice level
Aula 6 Saturday from 13:30 til 13:50

Nowadays there is an increasing demand for fast data processing - high throughputs and low latencies - for higher and higher amounts of data. Such a demand has an important drawback on hardware costs and, ultimately, on power consumption and CO2 emissions. We will explore a use case where modern C++ meta-programming strongly reduces hardware requirements for message processing tasks and, furthermore, we will investigate the relationship between latency requirements and power consumptions.

Tullio Menga
Tullio Menga
From ATS

Tullio started more than two decades ago as a C++ developer in the Capital Market world. Always seeking to reach the highest performances with the lowest coding effort, he is now leading the High Performance R&D team at ATS - Advanced Technology Solutions S.p.A in Milano, with a specific focus on bringing together the best computational performances coming from low level system programming in modern C++, actor model and microservice distributed architectures, all within a strong DevOps environment. Recently he has been working in a joint research project together with University of Pisa for message latency and CPU utilization reduction.

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